We offer a diverse array of professional services to address wildlife and wildlife habitat issues for our clients. Whether developing wildlife projects, interpreting results of wildlife programs, or assessing and forming mitigation strategies for industrial developments, Artemis Wildlife Consultants uses scientific methods to efficiently and economically provide solutions to even the most complex wildlife challenge. Our team is led by an accomplished Registered Professional Biologists (H. Davis) - guaranteeing that the work we complete meets the highest standards.

Project Development and Management

Our personnel have many years of involvement in the successful development and administration of both small and large wildlife research, inventory, and habitat management programs. We are efficient at all aspects of project development and management, having developed successful funding applications, generated budgets, set objectives, and drafted working plans for several multi-year wildlife programs. We are efficient project managers, having organized and executed field activities in all 4 seasons on several large-scale wildlife programs.

Habitat Assessments and Prescriptions

Our company has extensive experience examining the relationships between wildlife and the habitats they occupy. Our personnel have a strong background in the measurement and analysis of wildlife habitat, having developed and refined techniques for assessing habitat selectivity at spatial scales ranging from individual elements to landscapes. We have a comprehensive working knowledge of the biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification (BEC) system, having utilized it to classify habitats in both coastal and interior biogeoclimatic zones.

Development of Adaptive Management Strategies

We are committed to translating results from our wildlife programs into effective adaptive management strategies for our clients. We stress a cooperative approach to management and strive to develop strategies that not only meet the wildlife objectives of the program, but are also realistic for industry to implement. We have incorporated the results of our past research programs into habitat and population management strategies for such clients as the BC Ministry of Environment, Western Forest Products, and BC Hydro. As recognized experts for several threatened and endangered species, we are also capable of helping clients address the requirements for Section 7 results and strategies for species at risk under the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation.

Data Analysis and Modelling

Our staff has comprehensive experience developing relational databases and compiling data using several types of data management software. We are also efficient at processing and analysing large data sets using many parametric and non-parametric statistical methods, in addition to information-theoretic and Bayesian approaches. We have also used Bayesian Belief Networks to assess the effects of various landscape management options on habitat supply.

Report Publication and Production

We have considerable experience preparing a wide range of technical and professional reports for many different clients. We have produced final reports detailing our results, conclusions, and recommendations for several large-scale research projects. As recognized experts on a diverse array of species, we have also conducted various technical reviews of species accounts and proposed management options for these species. To ensure that our work is scientifically defensible, all of our reports and publications undergo some form of peer review. We also believe that information needs to be presented so that all interested parties understand it. To this end, Artemis Wildlife Consultants is committed to presenting the results of our work in a variety of formats and educational programs.