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Professional Services
Technical Services


Artemis Wildlife Consultants provides a wide variety of professional and technical wildlife services for many types of industries. Please follow the links below for more details on our services.

Professional Services

We offer a diverse array of professional services to address wildlife and wildlife habitat issues for our clients. Whether developing wildlife projects, interpreting results of wildlife programs, or assessing and forming mitigation strategies for industrial developments, Artemis Wildlife Consultants uses scientific methods to efficiently and economically provide solutions to even the most complex wildlife challenge. Our team is led by an accomplished Registered Professional Biologist (H. Davis) - guaranteeing that the work we complete meets the highest standards.

Technical Services

Artemis Wildlife Consultants also offers a wide range of technical services for any type of wildlife or wildlife-related project. We provide exceptional technical services that will ensure that information is collected and analyzed quickly, effectively, and economically. In addition to H. Davis, Artemis Wildlife Consultants has a staff on hand with a broad scope of complimentary technical skills. All of our technical services follow Resources Information Standards Committee standards, where applicable.

For more information on additional specific skills and experience that we bring to any project, please view the condensed resume of our senior biologist. References from academia, government, industry, and private consulting will be provided to interested clients upon request.


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